Amelia Sandford

My name’s Amelia Sandford and I’m a 17 year old singer songwriter from Hampshire. I’ve been singing from about the age of 6 where I started my journey being classically trained by Pippa and Colin Judson (Royal Opera, Glyndebourne, La Scala, Milan). I’ve achieved distinction in grades 1-6 of my ABRSM exams and am currently working towards my grade 8. At about the age of 13, I wanted to explore other areas of my voice and so on top of my classical training I started lessons with Cassie Lawrence from Barton Court Studios who works on developing my pop and musical theatre voice. I have a wide range of music that I enjoy singing such as pop, jazz, musical theatre and classical. My passion is for songwriting and recording my own music which I do in my spare time at home using Logic Pro X and a Scarletti system. I am currently studying Popular Music Performance at Peter Symonds College and am looking into music colleges once I have completed my two years at Symonds where I can hopefully pursue a career in the music industry. Before lockdown, I started gigging in restaurants and performing at charity events and when this was no longer possible, I sang for my neighbours in the garden so they could enjoy a socially distanced concert and I was able to carry on my passion for performing during a difficult time. I regularly post videos on my social media pages so that I can continually share my music and get myself out there. Once we are out of lockdown, I am hoping to continue singing in restaurants and I would like to start busking as well. Any opportunities that allow me to sing and perform for people, I will grab!

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